Yacht Big Fisher

Yacht Big Fisher – the perfect expedition plattform

Yacht Big fisher is the perfect plattform for small size expedition into the remote places in Northern Norway

The skipper and crew will be people from Norway that have experience cruising in the sheltered water passages in Northern Norway .

Typ og vessel Striker 44
Length 14,75 m
Cabins 2
Electrical system 220 V
Speed 25 knot
Engine 2 x 260 HP Detroit Diesel

The boat has the capacity of maximum 5-6 overnight passengers. For day operation up to 10 pax onboard.

We are proud having this exlusive yacht among our fleet.

For charters please take contact, and we will adjust regarding your request.

Yacht Big Fisher

Charter our exlusive yacht for your expedition in Northern Norway

Big Fisher is ofcours the optimal fishing plattform catching halibut

The perfect plattform for productions like underwater Orca operations

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Explore the hidden fjords and wilderness areas of northern Norway